Are you preparing a construction site? Let’s have a brief overview of how excavation is done!

Excavation Contractor Company in Oklahoma

Excavation is the critical process of digging, leveling, or making drains. It is done to prepare the construction site for creating a foundation for the structure. Before construction, the construction site should be prepared and cleaned. The preparation of construction sites includes the excavation process, which should be performed very carefully because it is dangerous, and the excavators should take safety measures strictly. Very safe, professional, and expert excavation services are given at Stone Horses Construction in Oklahoma to prepare construction sites by professional and skilled workers involving the use of proper tools, machines, and advanced equipment.

Dirtwork Construction Services

Excavation, or dirt work, is a risky yet essential task to perform before starting construction. Dirt work construction services include the following types:

  • Sloping is the easier kind of excavation, which is done by using equipment.
    In benching, the excavators make multiple levels, like stairs in the form of horizontal levels, to protect the employees from cave-ins.
    In shoring, metal, like wood or metal, is placed against the excavation side to protect the site from collapsing.
    Shielding is done for the protection of workers, so it creates the space to protect the workers.
    Drainage excavation involves making the drains for smooth water flow passage. Water that results after storms, rains, and floods. These drains help the water passage go smoothly so that floods can be avoided.
    Borrow excavation deals with the leveling, filling, and backfilling of the land to level a certain construction site. Soil, sand, and gravel types of materials are used for excavation.
    Channel excavation is involved in removing the debris and rock-like stuff that is creating a hurdle for the water flow. The stream flow of water is managed through channel excavation.
    Bridge excavation is the process of removing natural wastes that cause trouble in the way of foundations or other substructures for the bridge.

Every type of excavation demands skilled and well-trained workers or excavators, as excavation is a risky task to perform. So, it should be done by strictly following the precautions and safety measures.

General requirements and precautions for Excavation

There are some general requirements for excavation. First of all, the employees working as excavators must be well-trained and educated. They should know all the safety measures and proper use of machines and tools. The employee or excavator must be an expert in the types of excavation and the soil conditions; they should have the proper guidance on the use of protective systems. Before the excavation starts, establish estimates of the underground location. The workers must use equipment like hats, safety goggles, shoes, vests, and gloves for their protection. Take important measures in cases of unsuitable weather. Precautions should be taken to prevent cave-ins. Those workers who are working in trenches should take the necessary safety measures seriously to prevent any accidents. If the weather is not stable, then the workers should leave the excavation and construction site. Stone Horses Construction strictly follows the precautions and safety measures during excavation.

Hazards encountered during excavation or dirt work

Excavation is a dangerous process that can cause serious harm if the proper safety measures and precautions are not taken. The following are some hazards that are encountered during the process:
  • A person can slip or fall into an excavated trench or the pit dug during excavation, which can cause serious physical injuries. The steps, like the horizontal supports on the sides of the excavation, sometimes collapse, which is a dangerous and risky thing that requires proper precautions. Sometimes employees working deep in trenches can be injured by cave-ins, the fall of some tool, or dirt falling from the buckets of other excavators. Sometimes the heavy machinery causes errors, and the employees harm their hands by falling or falling into empty holes or bores in piles. There is also a chance of getting hurt by using machines and equipment that are heavy and slip your hands, or by sustaining injuries due to sharp edges during the process of shoeing. Bad weather conditions can also be harmful and dangerous for people working at construction sites. Suffocation and claustrophobic conditions sometimes hit hard, so people with no tolerance for claustrophobia should avoid this type of job.
The precautions and safety measures should be taken properly and strictly to prevent such accidents, as these incidents can cause serious harm to the workers.

Affordable dirt work construction services

Dirt work requires some crucial procedures that include heavy machinery, personal care equipment, technologically advanced tools, and professionals. It involves so many services and is also a risky task, so before hiring the services, research it on your own, get the proper knowledge, and also search for some good and reasonable excavation companies. These services might be expensive and can also cause you problems if you experience bad service. Stone Horses Construction is a highly trusted company and has been serving construction sites for several years with professionalism and delicacy. We provide our customers with affordable dirt work construction services. Our best services and experts will handle your dirt professionally and technically by taking proper precautions.

We are the ones to call whenever the dirt is involved

Before starting the construction comes the crucial step of excavation, which involves risky conditions, but the experts and professional workers take safety measures beforehand. Stone Horses Construction has been dealing with excavation and dirt work for so many years. It comprises well-trained and knowledgeable workers who are smart and skilled with heavy machinery, tools, and advanced equipment. Our company prioritizes excellent services along with ensuring the safety of its employees. We serve many areas of Oklahoma, including Broken Arrow, OK; Sapulpa, OK; Bixby, OK; Muskogee, OK; and Henryetta, OK.

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