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Lot clearing is exceptionally important, no matter if you want to construct a residential palace or a commercial masterpiece. Stone Horse Construction LLC stands out with their commercial and residential lot clearing services. We properly plan the removal phase, which includes completely removing the dirt, obstacles, and any kind of vegetation. After the removal of the obstructions, we ensure the complete leveling of your ground. This is to ensure that you get the maximum amount of land on which you can construct your building perfectly. We comply with all the legalities, including permits and regulations. Our experienced workforce is extremely experienced and knowledgeable enough to perform any kind of activity. Hire us because we excel at transforming your construction dream into a reality.

Our Expert Lot Clearing Services

Lot clearing is not an easy task; it requires proper knowledge and the right sort of machinery. We have the expertise and the right machinery to perform all your lot-clearing needs with ease and supreme precision. We excel at it, and our skilled workers work to their full potential to remove any sort of obstacle, no matter how heavy or small they are. We level your space after that so that you get the best construction on it. Commercial land clearing is not as easy as it looks. There are several intricacies, like gaining permits and local permissions and adhering to the standards. We comply with all these standards and ensure complete clearance of your commercial space by removing trees, bushes, rocks, and any other obstacles.

The good news is that our spectrum of services is spread all around Broken Arrow, OK, Sapulpa, OK, Bixby, OK, Muskogee, OK, and Henryetta, OK. Call us right away!

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Why Choose Us?

The question that matters most is Why choose us? What makes us so special? We have been topping the list of commercial and residential lot clearing companies since our inception in 1975. Our experienced and skilled workforce has a track record of completing thousands of successful projects. We comply with all the standards, including environmental and safety regulations, to keep you safe and sound. Alongside competence, we value our customers and offer customized solutions to your specific needs. We are not just confined to residential sectors and are spectacularly available for commercial clients as well. With the use of state of art machines and tools, we deliver only high-quality results. One more thing that will tend to attract you to us is our affordability, as we offer services at the most competitive rates. Visit our website or call us right away!

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What Our Clients Said

Dimitri J

Great interaction, helped me unload, and the pricing was very fair. Dont understand the complaints about costs. They were friendly and the best interaction Ive had at any landfill.

Chelsie R

Steve, Chelsea and the rest of the crew are awesome! Other reviews that say they are lazy must be mistaken this place for another landfill! I've even had some of the guys help me unload stuff without even asking. This is a 5 star "dump"

Tyler W

Great company that does quality work