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Before starting any construction project, the construction site must be prepared. This is where Stone Horse Construction llc excels. We have the best workforce, and we are equipped with the right tools and the latest machinery. Using high-end techniques, our experts carefully clear the land and remove any obstacles so that you can execute your planned structures. Our professional dirt work construction services are specifically designed for you and will benefit you in the long run. Our professionals have the perfect blend of knowledge and expertise to assess a construction site comprehensively. We understand soil conditions, drainage requirements, and the specific needs of different construction projects. Get in touch with us and explore customized options.

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Dirt work is not an easy task as it involves a lot of considerations to make before commencing the work. This is why we only employ our most experienced and trained professionals to serve you. Our dirt work construction services in Broken Arrow OK, Sapulpa OK, Bixby OK, Muskogee OK, and Henryetta OK.

include a high level of grading, leveling, and shaping the terrain according to your project’s specifications. The other comprehensive services we provide are excavation, site work, lot clearing, and a lot of other such services. We have been in the field since 1975 and since then have ruled the industry with our top-notch services. We value our customers and offer excellent customized services to you by assessing your budget and needs.

You can reach out to us in Broken Arrow OK, Sapulpa OK, Bixby OK, Muskogee OK, and Henryetta OK.

Dirt work construction
dirt work construction

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Choosing our company for all the dirt work activities will give you peace of mind. We are thorough professionals and our high level of expertise sets us apart from others. We are known to be perfectionists in our work as we don’t leave any errors behind. Our experience spanning more than four decades makes us the ultimate choice for the residential and commercial sectors. The experts we have are fully certified, and the vehicles we have are fully inspected and maintained. We fully comply with the safety standards and legal standards and implement proper safety measures to protect both workers and the surrounding environment. Alongside quality, we value our customers and offer them fair prices and don’t overcharge with any extra charges. Visit our website or call us right away for more information!

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We treat every project with the respect it deserves, and don't stop until you are satisfied.

What Our Clients Said

Dimitri J

Great interaction, helped me unload, and the pricing was very fair. Dont understand the complaints about costs. They were friendly and the best interaction Ive had at any landfill.

Chelsie R

Steve, Chelsea and the rest of the crew are awesome! Other reviews that say they are lazy must be mistaken this place for another landfill! I've even had some of the guys help me unload stuff without even asking. This is a 5 star "dump"

Tyler W

Great company that does quality work